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Brooklyn Nets excused Philadelphia 76ers’ advantage in James Harden, sources say

At the point when Philadelphia 76ers leader of ball activities Daryl Morey connected with Brooklyn Nets head supervisor Sean Marks on Jan. 11, they began with the typical merriments of ball leaders still a month from Thursday’s NBA exchange cutoff time.

That trade a month prior addresses the single, direct correspondence among Morey and Marks this season. Anyway concise the discussion, messages were conveyed toward every path: The Sixers arranged a quest for Harden, and the Nets had no goal of give up.

Until further notice, the absence of lucidity focused on Harden’s expectations addresses the pivot on which the conditions could move in the Nets’ dim association with him. Solidify can turn into a free specialist after this season, and despite the fact that he has kept on telling his Nets colleagues, the mentors and the front office that he is focused on winning in Brooklyn long haul, his activities on and away from the court propose some inner conflict.

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