Pakistan:Failed Diplomats of Pakistan

Pakistan:Failed Diplomats of Pakistan. Whether we start the investigation from Ukraine or any other country. We’ll come to the most common point, that most of the diplomats are corrupt, corrupt in a sense, line of duty.

At the moment Ukraine is the talk of the time.

The diplomats installed in the Embassy of Pakistan in Ukraine,have not handled the situation of Pakistanis during the war between Ukraine and Russia.

The diplomats were not efficient enough to cope with the problems faced by Pakistanis.

Numerous interviews taken during the missles fired by Russia on Ukraine,revealed the diplomats of Pakistan did nothing,provided the little help, they were not fully prepared to cope with the problems of Pakistanis.
Diplomats are well trained officials, it does not matter, of which country, according to their official expertise attempt to solve the peoblems of their fellow countrymen,it seems like , they just enjoy the hefty salary and vip protocol by the host country.

In the case of Ukraine, it is clear, that the diplomats of Pakistan were not able to provide proper subsistence to the pakistanis on time.
Interviews of Pakistanis during the war time is the clear evidence of “Failed Diplomats of Pakistan.”

Salman Sultan

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