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Pakistan Paying the price for Russia, Russian Relationship.

Prime Minister Pakistan urged the nation to come out of their homes in his latest National address today. He mentioned about starting his political party 26 years back on great principles of justice.

The main ingredient of Prime Minister Pakistan’s National address is the foreign intervention in Pakistan politics.
He did not provided any proof for foreign intervention, mentioning the valid reason of ciphering code of ministry of foreign affairs.

He didn’t revealed any top secret documents because of foreign ministry’s top secret codes.
He urged the nation to select between the good and evil, he emphasised the need on raising voice against the evil. He also mentioned the corrupt political opposition parties, working on auspices of United States of America.

PM Pakistan further added the United Staes official mention to Ambassador of Pakistan in USA that if the PM KHAN is removed ,” We will pardon everything otherwise Pakistan will face serious consequences.”

PM Pakistan , mentioned as well the contact of American Embassy officials in Pakistan , contacted with his main stream National Assembly members.

PM Khan clearly mentioned the reasons why America is against him, namely
1- Pakistan’s PM Khan was against Iraq war.
2- He was against Drone Attacks.
3-He was against Military solution of USA in IRAQ and mentioned the need for diplomacy at that time.
4- He was against Drone attacks in Pakistan.
This is the reason United States of America, is sponsoring the regime change, PM Khan clearly informed his nation.

Plus Pakistan paid the price for her relationship with Russia and remain silent on Russia Ukrain war.

He was emotional during the National Address while mentioning his friendly relationships with India.
PM Khan bravely added I will not sacrifice my Nation for any foreign interference. He further added nobody cared about the scrifice of Pakistan during Soviet Union war with United States.

Indian Media is also taking keen interest in Prime Minister Khan’s government. Around Indian media the news heading is flashing like,
“Judgment Day for Imran Khan ” , “Can IMRAN survive No confidence ?” , ” Final Countdown for Imran.”

Let’s see what Miracle happens for Prime minister Imran Khan on Sunday. What new surprise awaiting the Nation of Pakistan ?

Let’s see whether the white elephant wins or the Prime Minister Imran Khan Niazi.


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