Shouting Skyscrapers of Shanghai

Shouting Skyscrapers of Shanghai. Shanghai shouting to ease the lockdown. Coronavirus is spreading like a high voltage wave across china. Chinese government underpressure to ease the lockdown.

People are out of jobs, business is shut down, Nation shouting out of windows to let us go out and earn the bread and butter.

But China has no option except to take strict measures against the coronavirus. On other hand, the health of the people is improving , as over 11000 patients are back to normal life, after recovering from coronavirus, were discharged from Shanghai hospitals.

After the video footages went viral on social media, Chinese government is thinking to ease the lock down in some areas of the city of more than 25 million.

Chinese government is fully capable to cope with the situation , as the government already secured food and other necessary items of daily use for the Nation.

Government knows better than the people, but its hard to make the nation understand quickly. China cannot afford another large scale corona virus crisis.

If it happens ,then it’s bad for the Nation, disastrous for the economy.


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