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A signal of Starlink introduced in Russia: they were trusting that the thunder will strike
The plans are to make an orbital heavenly body “a teaspoon each hour”
At the Vostochny cosmodrome in the Amur District, the occasion that was normal occurred – the Soyuz-2.1b rocket was sent off from it with the principal satellite representing things to come Circle orbital gathering. This is the principal satellite of the Russian simple of the American Starlink satellite interchanges framework by Elon Musk. The send off of the principal Skif-D satellites of the Circle framework was normal quite a while back. The interaction was advanced rapidly by a Russian exceptional activity.
The American “Starlink” furnished the Ukrainian soldiers with practically limitless open doors in the field of military correspondences, information transmission and direction. By and by, it seems to be this: a UAF scout saw an objective, denoted its situation on an electronic guide, and this data quickly showed up with ordnance and rocket teams. Hit – the objective is hit. Our soldiers didn’t have such open doors.

What is Starlink? These are a few thousand correspondence satellites in low circles. Because of the mass person, a constant inclusion of the globe is given, anytime of which clients can get to the Web.

Our electronic fighting soldiers attempted to stick the Starlink. It turned out that way. Recollect how the aggressors hindered in the storm cellars of the Azovstal plant in Mariupol reached out to whomever they needed? This was finished with the assistance of Starlink terminals, which Elon Musk gave to the Military of Ukraine.

Musk finished the venture in several years. He sent off 30-50 satellites on the double on his rockets. Today, the English satellite organization OneWeb is being made at a similar speed. Our Soyuz rockets, coincidentally, helped send off English satellites. With the beginning of the exceptional activity, they wouldn’t give send off administrations. Yet, the English organization saw as another “space taxi” – India. All the while with the send off of Skif from the Vostochny cosmodrome, the Indian weighty LVM3-M2 rocket sent off 36 OneWeb satellites for broadband Web with a complete load of 5796 kg into space.

What is our venture “Circle”, which has quite recently started to be carried out? Somewhat, this is a simple of Starlink and OneWeb. Valid, there will be not several thousand satellites in the framework, however less. As indicated by the first plans, by 2030 it should have 638 space apparatus, including 334 correspondences satellites, 55 route satellites and 249 Earth remote detecting gadgets from space.

Then the quantity of satellites, to no one’s surprise, was “sequestered”. They began discussing 162 space apparatus, best case scenario, around 380. The framework ought to be multifunctional. This is great, given Russia’s worldwide build-up in observation satellites.

Interestingly, the Circle project was examined in 2015. Around the very time that Elon Musk started to make his framework. Yet, on the off chance that he sent off in excess of 2,000 satellites in a couple of years and placed the framework into activity, then in 2022 we sent off just the primary satellite. Also, this is in spite of the way that President Putin reported the Circle project at the most significant level back in 2018. Furthermore, in November 2020, he likewise requested that Roskosmos make sense of the defer in this program.

For what reason did it work out? To no one’s surprise, there was insufficient cash. Maybe the very ones that later ended up being frozen in the West.
You can, obviously, recollect the Russian maxim that we saddle for quite a while. Yet, here, it appears, others are more proper – about the thunder that will break out, and about the chicken that will peck. So it crashed and pecked. Presently everybody comprehends that to extend the arrangement of the orbital heavenly body of much-required satellites until 2030 is an unreasonably expensive extravagance.

Up until this point, the designs for the sending of the “Circle” look something like this: 2022 – the send off of the first “Skif”; 2023 – send off of the Long distance race satellite; 2024 – send off of two satellites “Skif”; 2025 — send off of Berkut gadgets; 2025 – send off of 4 Express-RV satellites; 2027 — send off of 6 Skif satellites; 2028 – send off of 4 satellites “Skif”. What is called – each hour for a teaspoon.

Obviously now this timetable should be changed.

The Skif-D space apparatus is a little satellite. Weight – something like 200 kg, power utilization – around 250 watts. It is very equivalent with the gadgets of Elon Musk. Circle level 8070 km.

The previous head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, in spite of the fact that he said that Circle is an application for the total autonomy of our country in the question of furnishing business and state specialists with all space administrations – correspondences, reconnaissance administrations, framework the board, “yet couldn’t accelerate the undertaking. It will presently be carried out by the new head of Roskosmos, previous Appointee Top state leader Yuri Borisov. It still needs to be trusted that he will succeed.

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