Australia Welcomes You Again !

Australia Welcomes You Again !

Australia welcomes Tourists Again after two years of border shutdown. Long time isolation ended today, so Welcome back to the world’s most visited country Australiaaaa….
Airlines authorised to take passengers to Australia are increasing their capacity after the international borders open for tourists. Its a good news for all the genuine foreign travellers and friends and families of Australian families.

The best continent country will welcome millions of tourists this year. Singaporeans and chinese are the first in line to show the interest in booking tickets to Australia. The end of Australian isolation will boost the Australian economy.

Australian government ended isolation at the right time of the year to benefit Australia in every possible way.

The Australian prime minister welcoming everyone with words “Pack your bags….come here……and don’t forget to bring your money.”

Flights from America, UK and Japan are the first to land.


SFN Durrani


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